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Compared with traditional chemical fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers have many advantages, such as inhibiting the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, reducing environmental pollution, and improving the utilization rate of fertilizers, and is the preferred fertilizer for agricultural planting friends.

Bioorganic fertilizer

Bioorganic fertilizer

Effects of bioorganic fertilizers:

1.Promoting plant growth.

Mainly through functional bacteria in the root of the plant colonization, life and play a role. This effect is demonstrated by the production of substances that promote plant growth by functional bacteria, as opposed to the addition of hormones to biological organic fertilizers. Some producers in order to let farmers see the effect, to add a certain amount of hormones in the product, this is not scientific, through the previous several sessions of the south agricultural university lecture hall design test method can be identified.

2.Improve plant disease prevention and resistance, that is, biological control.

There are three main ways for this kind of bacteria to act on pathogens: 1). Antagonism.The production of antagonistic substances directly inhibits the growth of pathogenic bacteria. 2). Competitive effect. Inhibit the growth of pathogenic bacteria from the aspects of nutrient absorption and utilization. In general, this strain grows quickly. Parasitism. With the pathogen as a parasite, directly parasitic on the pathogen causing death. These three approaches to disease resistance and prevention often overlap.

3.Improve fertilizer utilization.

In the current biological organic fertilizer market is more publicized, mainly nitrogen fixation, potassium, phosphorus, etc. There are three main types of nitrogen fixation: 1).Symbiotic nitrogen fixation. Mainly rhizobia, with specific host, strong nitrogen fixation ability, mainly on legumes symbiotic solid hydrogen. But because this kind of bacteria are gram-negative bacteria, is not conducive to preservation, as a product shelf sales is more difficult, so it is to get the germ to mix the seed to use commonly. 2).Autogenous nitrogen fixation. The bacteria showed no nitrogen fixation or very little nitrogen fixation ability in the field. 3).Combined nitrogen fixation.Bacteria species are relatively specific, the ability is strong, but at present the research and promotion application is less, therefore, must beware of product packaging exaggerated ammonia fixation capacity.

4.Water conservation and drought resistance, soil remediation, degradation of pesticides and other functions.

The function of this kind of biological organic fertilizer is less publicized, mainly because dealers and farmers pay less attention to this function, and producers are less likely to attract consumers by promoting this function, so it is rare in the market.

Use of bio-organic fertilizersUse of bio-organic fertilizers

Use of bio-organic fertilizers

What are the market potential of bioorganic fertilizer?

Fertilizer is an important guarantee for high and stable yield of various crops. China ranks first in the production and marketing of chemical fertilizer in the world. Long-term and large amount of fertilizer application, in a period of time to a certain extent to ensure the stable production and income of China’s crops, but also caused a series of serious ecological and environmental problems and affect human health problems. Biological organic fertilizer can solve the above problems, not only can ensure the stable production and income of crops, but also can not damage the ecological environment and affect human health, can achieve a virtuous circle of social, economic and ecological benefits, the market potential is huge, the development prospect is very promising.

As a professional producer of bio-organic fertilizer, our organic fertilizer has been sold to many provinces in China and even more than 10 foreign countries, such as Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Libya and Syria. We continue to learn fertilizer manufacturing experience, reduce costs to achieve better results, we are sure that you will be satisfied with our high quality products, if you need more details, feel free to contact us!

Direct selling by bio-organic fertilizer manufacturers