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Biological organic fertilizer is organic solid waste (including organic waste, straw, human, livestock, poultry excrement, cake meal, agricultural and sideline products and food processing solid waste) through microbial fermentation, deodorization and completely decomposed into organic fertilizer.

High quality bio-organic fertilizer

Bioorganic fertilizers are used far more than refined fertilizers, mainly because they are rich in a variety of functional microorganisms and rich in trace elements, it can improve soil structure, improve soil hardening, indirectly kill ascaris eggs and root nematodes, play a nutritional, conditioning and health care role in crop growth, and allow the soil to absorb organic matter to play a greater role.

How is bioorganic fertilizer made?

According to grain chaff, weeds, human, livestock, poultry excrement, crop straw (chopped), stems and leaves, sawdust wood chips, edible fungus matrix residue and cake meal and other raw materials. According to the total raw material: probiotics concentrate: nutrition agent, that is, 300:1:1, with 30-35% water (depending on the proportion of dry and wet water content of the material), the probiotics original solution was diluted with nutrient and then mixed with the raw material, then stacking and compaction, sealed with plastic film or canvas, anaerobic fermentation, 7-10 days in summer and 15-20 days in winter, the liquor flavor was released to indicate the fermentation was successful. Furthermore, the stem is also a good organic raw material, with biological starter culture, add a trace of superphosphate, the proportion is the raw plant stem 1000kg:2kg, a small amount of superphosphate, after 265 hours of fermentation, produced the flavor of wine koji fermentation success.

Use of bio-organic fertilizersUse of bio-organic fertilizers                                                                    Use of bio-organic fertilizers

What are the characteristics of bioorganic fertilizer worth choosing?

The biggest advantage is undoubtedly more environmental protection, and high utilization rate.

1.Nutrients are comprehensive. Organic fertilizer is a kind of complete fertilizer, which contains abundant carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, silicon and other medium and large elements and a certain amount of iron, copper, zinc, manganese, boron, molybdenum and other trace elements.

2.Improve the soil. Organic fertilizer contains a large amount of organic matter, long-term application can improve the soil organic matter, improve the soil granule structure, promote the soil microbial reproduction, make the soil loose, ventilation, easy drainage, farming.

3.Keep fat and water. The application of organic fertilizer can enhance soil fertilizer retention and buffer. Humus is organic colloid, although the particles are small, but the surface area is large, the absorption capacity of water is more than 100 times larger than inorganic colloid, the substitution amount is 4 times larger. Long-term application of organic fertilizer can increase the number of organic and inorganic compound colloid, close soil fusion, and enhance the ability of water retention, fertilizer retention and fertilizer supply.

4.Promote crop growth. Humus of organic fertilizer is mainly composed of humic acid, which can promote seed germination, root growth and nutrient absorption. The application of organic fertilizer can also increase the concentration of carbon dioxide, an important raw material for photosynthesis, from several times to dozens of times.

5.Improve fertilizer utilization. Organic fertilizer and chemical fertilizer, can mutual assistance in extremity, complementary short and long, promote each other. The acid produced when organic fertilizer decomposes can promote the dissolution of mineral nutrients.

6.Improve the quality of agricultural products.

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Bio-organic fertilizer is of great significance to the realization of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and is an inevitable choice to realize the sustainable development of agriculture. We sincerely hope that bio-organic fertilizer can bring you higher benefits, you can consult us if you have any questions, we will give you a satisfactory answer in the shortest time.

High quality bio-organic fertilizer