Microbial Organic Fertilizer

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Microbial organic fertilizer is also known as biological organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer refers to the organic fertilizer based on natural, mostly human and animal manure and animal residues, generally divided into farm manure, green manure and humic acid fertilizer three categories.

Biological organic fertilizer

Biological organic fertilizer

What are the characteristics of the popular microbial organic fertilizers?

Biological organic fertilizer is rich in nitrogen-fixing bacteria, phosphorous decomposing factor and potassium decomposing factor. Continuous use can improve soil and promote deep root of crops; Strengthen the immunity of crops, destroy the living environment of bacteria and insect eggs, reduce the use of pesticides, reduce the harm of pesticides and fertilizers, and improve the quality of crops; Biological enzymes produced by biological organisms harm crop-folding nematodes.

Bioorganic fertilizer is suitable for all kinds of cash crops. Long-term use can significantly improve soil fertility, activate soil, retain water and fertilizer, resist stubble and lodging, improve internal quality of crops, make the root system of crops developed and grow vigorously, and increase yield by 15-35% in perennial use. Reduce and gradually replace the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides to become truly green pollution-free organic food.

Crops grown using bioorganic fertilizers      Crops grown using bioorganic fertilizers

Crops grown using bioorganic fertilizers

Wide application: bio-organic fertilizer is applicable to watermelon, vegetables, navel orange, citrus, tea, tobacco, seedling, ginger, garlic, bamboo shoots, strawberry, litchi, longan, banana, grape, wheat, corn, sorghum, soybean, rice and other crops and cash crops, also can be applied to flowers, greening, lawn, trees, grass and other plants, all have their unique advantages.

What are the advantages of microbial organic fertilizers over chemical fertilizers?

1) The nutrient elements of biological organic fertilizer are complete; Chemical fertilizers contain only one or few nutrients.

2) Bioorganic fertilizers can improve soil; Constant use of chemical fertilizers causes soil to harden.

3) Biological organic fertilizer can improve product quality; Too much chemical fertilizer results in inferior quality.

4) Bioorganic fertilizer can improve the rhizosphere microbiota of crops and improve the ability of plants to resist diseases and pests. Fertilizer is the crop microbial community is single, easy to produce pests and diseases.

5) Biological organic fertilizer can promote the utilization of chemical fertilizer, improve the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer; The use of chemical fertilizers alone can easily cause the fixation and loss of nutrients.

As the modern level of agriculture is higher and higher, organic food has been paid more and more attention, and then pay more and more attention to ecological agriculture. Because only ecological agriculture can produce ecological food. In this regard, the state has invested a great deal of support, both in terms of its policy support and in actual actions. The widespread use of organic fertilizers as we know them is a good illustration. It can be said that organic fertilizer will gradually replace other fertilizers, and become a necessary fertilizer in the growth of crops.

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Microbial organic fertilizer