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What is bioorganic fertilizer?

Biological organic fertilizer refers to the specific function of microorganisms and mainly animal and plant residues (such as livestock and poultry excrement, crop straw, etc.) as a source, and after the harmless treatment, the organic material compound and become rotten, a type of fertilizer with both microbial fertilizer and organic fertilizer effects. Bio-organic fertilizer is of great significance to the realization of resource-saving and environment-friendly society, and is an inevitable choice to realize the sustainable development of agriculture.

Bioorganic fertilizer is an organic fertilizer containing a large number of functional microorganisms produced by adding functional microbial agents to the decomposed materials for secondary fermentation on the basis of composting. Compared with other fertilizers, it has the advantages of cultivating soil and improving product quality.

Bioorganic fertilizer

Bioorganic fertilizer

The common fertilizer on the market has chemical fertilizer, farmyard fertilizer, biologic fungicide, so what advantage does biologic organic fertilizer have compared with these fertilizer?

1.Compared with chemical fertilizers, the nutrient elements of biological organic fertilizers are more complete. Long-term use can effectively improve soil, regulate soil and rhizosphere micro-ecological balance, improve crop resistance to diseases and pests, and improve product quality.

2.Compared with farm manure, the fundamental advantage of bioorganic fertilizer lies in that the functional bacteria in bioorganic fertilizer have specific effects on improving soil fertility and promoting crop growth, while farm manure belongs to natural fermentation and does not have the special effect of dominant functional bacteria.

3.Compared with biological manure, biological organic fertilizer contains functional bacteria and organic matter. In addition to improving soil, organic matter itself is the living environment of functional bacteria. After being applied into soil, functional bacteria are easy to colonize and play a role. However, biological fertilizer only contains functional bacteria, and the functional bacteria may not be suitable for the soil environment, can not survive or play a role. On the other hand, bio-organic fertilizers are cheaper than bio-bacterial fertilizers.

Application scope of biological organic fertilizer: it is widely used in the base fertilizer and topdressing of vegetables, fruit trees, wheat, rice and other crops.

Bioorganic fertilizer can regulate soil, activate microbial activity rate, overcome soil hardening, and increase soil air permeability. To reduce water loss and evaporation, to reduce drought stress, to preserve fertilizer, to reduce chemical fertilizers, to reduce salinity damage, to improve soil fertility by reducing the use of chemical fertilizers or by gradually replacing them, to increase grain crops, cash crops, vegetables, melons and fruits by a large margin.

What are the advantages of bioorganic fertilizer?

1.Promote plant growth.

2.Improving plant disease prevention and resistance is also a function of biological control.

3.Improve fertilizer utilization.

4.Water conservation and drought resistance, soil remediation, degradation of pesticides and other functions.

In addition, our products are also completely environmentally friendly, save costs, achieve better results and protect the environment, we welcome your purchase.

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Of course, you should pay attention to the production date when buying bio-organic fertilizer to avoid buying expired products. At the same time, you should also pay attention to whether the number of live bacteria in the product conforms to the national regulations and avoid buying unqualified products. Perfect service can bring you great convenience, when you buy our bio-organic fertilizer, if you have any questions, please contact us, we will try our best to solve the problem.

Pure natural bio-organic fertilizer