Microbial Organic Fertilizer

Introduce Characteristic Advantage PDF Download PDF Microbial organic fertilizer is also known as biological organic fertilizer, organic fertilizer refers to the organic fertilizer based on natural, mostly human and animal manure and animal residues, generally divided into farm manure, green manure and humic acid fertilizer three categories. Biological organic fertilizer What are the characteristics of … Read moreMicrobial Organic Fertilizer

High Quality Bio-organic Fertilizer

Introduce Made Characteristic PDF Download PDF Biological organic fertilizer is organic solid waste (including organic waste, straw, human, livestock, poultry excrement, cake meal, agricultural and sideline products and food processing solid waste) through microbial fermentation, deodorization and completely decomposed into organic fertilizer. Bioorganic fertilizers are used far more than refined fertilizers, mainly because they are … Read moreHigh Quality Bio-organic Fertilizer

Direct Selling by Bio-organic Fertilizer Manufacturers

Introduce Effect Market Potential PDF Download PDF Compared with traditional chemical fertilizers, bio-organic fertilizers have many advantages, such as inhibiting the growth and reproduction of harmful microorganisms, reducing environmental pollution, and improving the utilization rate of fertilizers, and is the preferred fertilizer for agricultural planting friends. Bioorganic fertilizer Effects of bioorganic fertilizers: 1.Promoting plant growth. … Read moreDirect Selling by Bio-organic Fertilizer Manufacturers